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About Resolus


Resolus provides advisory and practical solutions across the product lifecycle spectrum that enable the re-engineering of the value chain and deliver efficiency as a direct contributor to business growth and success


Our core ethos is to be an integrated service provider – to influence and drive organic change and growth, leveraging our expertise and knowledge gained from global corporate experience to deliver genuine, practical change and solutions that fit the organisation’s needs and that of its staff


What Resolus Delivers


We design and implement programme, manufacturing and supply chain solutions, interim programme leadership and advisory services that support the process of making informed decisions on policy and acquisition on a whole of life basis 


Through the provision of expert interim industry professionals, we implement enduring end-to-end solutions across the value chain and product development lifecycle – from definition of a strategy to programme management and delivery, providing the expertise and support throughout the journey to realise benefit

The Focus

Transformation, optimisation and the development of capability and capacity to assure enduring benefit


Whether a Start-Up or Investor, OEM or Prime – we focus on the development and execution of practical solutions that sustain businesses in making its manufacturing and support supply chain a primary cost driver in its decision making process to increase efficiency, effectiveness, availability, and value for money for end users


(R)evolution and re-engineering of the value chain is paramount to business success and financial performance – our solutions drive strategic differentiation and create commercial advantage




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