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About Us


Since 2004 we have successfully supported multi-billion-dollar programmes that have directly impacted national defence and industry for major private and governmental clients in the UK, Europe, USA, Asia, and the Middle East to assess, develop and lead the creation of strategic supply and value chain solutions for complex systems and equipment on a through life basis


What We Deliver


We design, develop, and implement strategic value chain solutions that support and guide customers and procurement authorities in the process of making informed decisions on their acquisitions through the design and implementation of enduring end-to-end solutions across the value chain and product development lifecycle

Our Focus

Transformation and optimisation across the end-to-end value chain.  The development and execution of strategies and solutions through outcome-based leadership and creation of environments that sustain businesses in making its supply chain and whole life cost a primary driver in its acquisition decision making to increase efficiency, effectiveness, availability, and value for money for end users

Our Sectors

We work with key stakeholders and investors in sectors that have complex systems of systems with long in-service life requirements and sustainable MRO demands, these include:


Investor Groups - Start-Ups - Aerospace & Defence - Energy - Rail - Industrialisation (Indigenisation) - Satcom - Mining - Corporate


Our Value

Our bespoke Supply Chain and Procurement solutions combined with our practical, multi-sector executive experience enables us to work across sectors and stakeholder environments to realise knowledge and international experience.  We create commercial advantage for the customer, end user, investor and taxpayer, by bringing strategy to life through efficient and effective contracting methodologies - from concept to disposal - and create return on investment


(R)evolution and re-engineering of the value chain is paramount to business success and financial performance - our solutions drive strategic differentiation and create commercial advantage

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